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Centaur Leadership

Truly effective leadership requires individuals to be more aware of themselves and others if they are to inspire, motivate
and develop highly-effective teams.

Insync uses the Centaur Model of Management and Leadership as one of our central approaches and may underpin many of our coaching, leadership and organisational change programmes.

Members of our consultancy team created the model which, for over twenty years, has been used successfully by organisations and offered by one of the most respected European business schools

One client describes how his company has deployed the Centaur Approach in support of their Talent Strategy:

"Our firm is full of very intelligent people - some of the brightest in the country! But we discovered that successful leaders had to develop 'relational skills'; the skills of emotional intelligence (EQ). We use the Centaur model to help our partners and directors apply these EQ skills.

The benefits of Centaur-based training are three fold:

The power of the model is its simplicity - although it provides insight into people's deepest drivers, it is also intuitive, quick to learn and using it relies on nothing more than observation."

- Partner/Business Team Leader - Big 4 Professional Services Firm