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Are your companies’ contractors independent workers or employees?

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Contract, consultant and interim workers play an increasingly important role in helping businesses to be flexible and agile.

However, many companies are confused by the tax, legal and day-to-day management obligations when engaging contractors … a scenario that may result in organisations risking substantial financial penalties and lengthy Revenue and Employment Tribunal investigations.

Legal risk is not the only issue. Cost, performance and security are vital too.

With a lack of co-ordination and control, costs escalate, projects over-run, knowledge transfer is lost and the resources invested in contract staff are wasted. Worse still, a company’s security and intellectual property could be at risk.

However, Insync brings clarity to contract engagement – and peace of mind for our clients.

Through our Contractor-wise range of services, you can overcome the challenges and complexity of managing contract workers. With our expertise and proven processes, you can better maintain control, reduce costs and avoid legal risks and tax penalties, while maximising the benefits of having a flexible workforce.

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